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Location, sizes and seating options

No matter whether you are hosting an intimate get-together or throwing a big party: You want the comfort of space and the closeness that brings people together. Our portfolio of banquet rooms lets you accomplish just that. All rooms share a light and breezy atmosphere with large windows and clean styles to let you add your personal touch. Located on the main building’s first floor, you are both in the midst of it all and yet have the place to yourself. Come on up using the large open stairs in the lobby – or feel free to take the elevator.   

Sketches of the rooms:


Subtle generosity

Our HochZeit banquet room is ideally suited for a larger fest. A generous floor space of some 125 sqm / 1,350 sq ft gives you ample flexibility to place tables and give the room your personal touch. Add to that the small foyer to serve a welcome drink or give flowers and presents the space they deserve. The interior style is elegant in a subtle way, large windows offer a most pleasant view. A sound system is built in – be it for some laid-back music or for the few words someone might want to say.

Our large HochZeit banquet room can be split into two smaller units.

HochZeit I: the heart of the hotel – all to yourself

A floor space of 75 sqm / 800 sq ft is an ideal size for one large dinner table seating 30 guests or for five tables of six. As you get there, enjoy the view from the gallery down to the lobby and the reception area. You are celebrating at the heart of the former monastery, and yet above it all, away from the comings and goings of a hotel. An elevator is there for comfort and convenience.

HochZeit II: For the intimate reception, followed by an elegant dinner

Nobody says there has to be a reception. But there is a small foyer leading to the smaller of the two HochZeit rooms with its floor space of some 50 sqm / 540 sq ft. And this foyer is just the perfect place for greetings and a glass of champagne – before the doors open and guests take their seats. Maybe at a festive long dinner table, or at tables spread across the room –an ideal setting for a group of 20.

Room seating capacity
Floor space Long table Banquet tables
125 qm 50 guests 100 guests
Room dimensions
Length Width Height
14,70 m 8,50 m 2,90 m

DenkMal: Medieval arches, time-worn floors of oak

Our DenkMal banquet room has an atmosphere all of its own. Architectural elements dating back centuries blend with a contemporary style that is modestly elegant in its simplicity. A floor space of some 85 sqm / just over 900 sq ft offers just the setting for an enjoyable affair with up to 50 guests. Large windows look out over the carriage house and the monastery’s garden; the gallery out front has you standing above the cloister with its series of stately gothic windows.

Room seating capacity
Floor space Long table Banquet tables
85 qm 30 guests 55 guests
Room dimensions
Length Width Height
10,50 m 8,20 m 2,90 m

Abtskapelle: The former Abbott’s Chapel

Sometimes, a special occasion calls for a venue with a special festive touch – a timeless elegance, a casual dignity to match the magic of the moment. The former Abbott’s Chapel at today’s Kloster Hornbach Hotel is such a place, distinguished and yet airy, downright pretty. A beautiful room for a large dinner table and the company of 20 or so very special people. A uniquely beautiful venue for a special occasion. 

Room seating capacity
Floor space Long table Banquet tables
30 qm 20 guests Not suitable
Room dimensions
Length Width Height
7,70 m 4,40 m 4,15 m
Foyer FreiRaum

FreiRaum – For a first hello

Our upstairs foyer FreiRaum lies right between our banquet rooms GeistReich and HochZeit. And with a floor space of some 35 sqm or 375 sq ft, it is ideally suited to be a reception area. Or maybe a lounge for a quiet moment. Or maybe even a dance floor. Two or three bar tables, a few lounge chairs or a beefy sound system and some light is all it takes. Talking about lounge: We should mention that our hotel subscribes to a no smoking policy in all interior rooms.


Klostertafel: One long festive table for up to 18 favorite friends

If you appreciate the special ambience of an ancient monastery, you might want to treat your guests to our Klostertafel or an evening in our Säulenzimmer (see below). Your Klostertafel – referring to and reminiscent of a monasteries long dinner table – is set for you in the oldest part of the building, within reach and yet separate of our ground floor restaurant area. The walk past ancient windows looking out over the inner courtyard is already a treat, especially when the candles are lit and the lights are low. For a party of up to 18 guests, an evening around our Klostertafel is bound to be something special.

Room seating capacity
Floor space Long table Banquet tables
25 qm 18 guests nicht geeignet
Room dimensions
Length Width Height
x m x m x m

Greenhouse – Event location in the countryside

In the middle of the fragrant herb garden is our small but fine greenhouse, according to the motto “Outside is the new inside”.
For garden lovers the place! Since summer 2017, a small herb greenhouse complements our garden. Here we organize small events for up to 16 people surrounded by greenery. A separate, glass room with lots of light – an oasis of tranquility and the perfect space for small celebrations.

Room seating capacity
Floor space Long table Banquet tables
25 qm 16 guests -

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