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15 Themenzimmer breiten ihre Wohnwelten für Sie aus – sind Sie Musikliebhaber, Cineast, Genießer...?

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Flowers, decorations and modern AV technology

Depending on your event, you may want to add a personal touch or may need to fill certain given requirements. We stand ready to help you adjust the details to your preferences, whether it is flowers on the tables or a beamer and sound system. We have listed some of the more obvious options below – but we will be most happy to support your planning in person.

Room to celebrate

Our HochZeit banquet room is ideally for 65 persons without additional room rental. If their are less than 65 people, we have to calculate a rent:

Actual number of guests x € 30,00

From 0:00 at night a standard night work supplement will indeed. It depends on the number of persons at the celebration:

  • till 20 persons 90,00 €/hour
  • till 45 persons 130,00 €/hour
  • from 46 persons 165,00 €/hour
  • from 70 persons 185,00 €/hour

Superior service goes without saying!

Decoration & details

By a master florists from Blumenhaus Brenkmann € 35,00 per table.

Of course it is possible to bring your own wine. Therefor we charge a corkage fee (Wine and sparkling wine € 26,50 per bottle and champagne € 37,50 per bottle). Upon request you can bring your own wedding cake. Thereby we will charge a plate fee in the amount of € 2,50 per person. If you bring a cake selection we will charge € 9,90 per person.


The special moments held on and captured. For your happiest day of life we recommend you this photographer:

Dominique Couture Photographie

Dominique Couture
Hauptstrasse 19
67273 Weisenheim am Berg
Tel.: 06332 9266 0

Die Camera

Herr Ralf Fink
Alleestraße 29
66953 Pirmasens
Tel. 06331 31199

Estelle Frey

Tel.: 06241 388106
Mobil: 0176 24322342

Thomas Heinz Fotografie

Herr Thomas Heinz
Gartenstraße 5
66606 St. Wendel
Mobil: 0172-237 11 39


If you prefer classical guitar music during the reception or a five-man band, playing fiery rhythms for dancing... we have for every celebration the suitable artist for you. Download the list with our recommendations here.

Download music list as PDF

Your contact person

For celebrations
Lena Drechsler


Inquire for your celebration