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15 Themenzimmer breiten ihre Wohnwelten für Sie aus – sind Sie Musikliebhaber, Cineast, Genießer...?

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Our single rooms

Catering to today’s modern comforts or to a modest simplicity that knows no time: Our single rooms are designed with careful attention to detail and a passion for pleasant design. The generous portfolio of amenities is the same throughout our hotel. The beds are of comfortable size for a good night’s sleep.

Pilgrim’s Chambers

Starting at € 99,-

Approx. 18m2 for one or two guests


In our two Pilgrim’s Chambers, simplicity does not imply a lack of comfort. Instead, clean lines and clear forms help to un-clutter the mind and restore inner balance – as does their location in the Remise, close by and yet separate from the main building.

Single – Shaker style

Starting at €99,-

Approx. 20m2 for one guest


Two of our Shaker style rooms are designed specifically for single occupancy. Their cozy interior is an invitation to relax and feel right at home. The generously sized bed makes for a comfortable night’s sleep.


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