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A breath of fresh air

Our six Mediterranean style double rooms welcome you with a bright and breezy interior design. Early morning blue and spring’s delicate green lift the spirit, evoke memories of sunny days, endless coastlines and rolling pastures. Guests favoring our Mediterranean style rooms tend to be active, enjoying the relaxing effect of gentle pastels on a background of white.

Shaker Style

Celebrating quality

The members of the faith community known as the Shakers appreciate labor as a creative process and honor perfection as a virtue. The furniture style that carries their name is timeless in its elegant simplicity and focus on function – inspiring the design of two of our single and nine double rooms. Forms signaling refined restraint are complemented by sincere and solid colors. To our guests, it all adds up to a sense of home./p>

Asia Style

Harmonious Inspiration

Maple’s European tint combines with bamboo’s lavish mocha tan. Clean lines merge to present subdued function. Our three double rooms inspired by Pan-Asian concepts invigorate in a most unobtrusive way. Guests favoring our Asia style rooms tend to be inspired by subtle contrasts and appreciate the complementary energies at the heart of true harmony.

Ethno Style

Archaic energy

Contemporary comfort meets archaic energy. Our six Ethno Style double rooms celebrate rich warm colors, tribal patterns and furnishings of walnut. The bold blend of African and Asian elements radiates a confidence deeply rooted in timeless traditions. Guests favoring our Ethno style rooms welcome the archaic as a source of energy, fascinated by a foreignness that is vaguely familiar.

The Remise

Separate – yet nearby

The Remise is a former carriage house or small barn right next to the main building. Today it houses two double rooms Shaker style and the junior suite ‚Philiosophenstube’ with its open timber roof. It is only a few steps from reception, restaurants and conference rooms, but these few steps make for extra peace and quiet. An ideal location for contemplation, concentration or just simple relaxation. The former ladders have of course been replaced by stairs. But you should note that, to this day, the Remise does not have an elevator.

The Remise

Benedictine simplicity

Throughout its history, the Hornbach monastery has sheltered pilgrims on their way to France and onward on the St. James’s Path to Santiago de Copostela in northern Spain. A place to rest and restore, to re-energize the body and calm the mind: Today’s Kloster Hornbach Hotel is keeping this thought alive. In response to occasional requests, the Remise houses two plain but very comfortable single rooms. They come, strictly speaking, with all modern amenities. But this is not immediately apparent, and our guests are known to prefer a small selection of good books and lots of peace and quiet.

Our four Suites

Comfort and character

They are not just a place to sleep. Each of our four suites is an invitation to capture the moment, to enjoy the stay. As much as they differ in personality – at the heart they spell modern comfort, a sense of style and loving attention to detail.

In English, „AufEwig“ would be „ForEver“. Two separate rooms connected by their small private hall. Rich, warm colors surrounding an impressive yet delicately styled canopied bed. A generously sized bathroom offering the choice of shower or bath or both – „AufEwig“ is meant for those forever young.

„Maisonette“ and „HimmelBlau“ both combine open spaces on two floors to living environments – unique, inspirational and inviting. „Maisonette“ combines bed and bathroom upstairs in a more traditional way. „HimmelBlau“ alludes to blue open skies, with the upper floor reserved for a king size bed centered under a skylight above.

„Philosopher’s Nest“ comes close to what „Philosophenstube“ is meant to express. Up under the roof of the Remise with its open wooden beams, this junior suite is intellectual in a most cozy way. Careful, though, if you are tall. Those beams are very solid.

With the exception of the Philosophenstube, all suites are furnished with a sofa bed that sleeps two.