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Our four Suites:

Hospitality with personality

Space to live, space to sleep: Each of our four suites has its own personality, combines the luxury of ample space with an interior designed with loving attention to detail. Whether you are set to explore the surroundings or have come to sort out a few things, whether you just want to take it easy or look forward to celebrating a special occasion: You are likely to find that our suites will support your objectives. Let yourself be inspired.

Junior Suite
Philosopher’s Nest

Starting at €179,

Approx. 36m2 for up to three guests


We seriously believe that anyone fond of serious contemplation or creative thought will like our ‚Philosopher’s Nest’. Up in our Remise carriage house next to the main building, this junior suite is both a bit removed and aloft. The open timber roof invokes memories of bygone days; amenities and appliances are totally now. A word of caution, however: If you are rather tall, you should watch your head. Being a junior suite, the Philosopher’s Nest does not feature a bed couch. Yesteryear’s ladders have been replaced by stairs – but our carriage house still does not have a lift.

Suite HimmelBlau

Starting at €194,-

Approx. 45 m2 for up to four guests

(including the sofa bed that sleeps two)


Convenience and comfort on two floors. ‚Himmelblau’? ‚Blau’ of course means blue, and while ‚Himmel’ can mean heaven, our ‚HimmelBlau’ suite salutes the clarity of a summer morning’s blue sky. The living room and a light-flooded bathroom take up the downstairs. Up above, a skylight will have the stars shine down on a spacious bed – weather permitting.

Suite AufEwig

Starting at €199,-

Approx. 50 m2 for up to four guests

(including the sofa bed that sleeps two)


Who says that romance has anything to do with age? Taken literally, this suite’s name alludes to a commitment meant to last ‚for ever’. Newlyweds come to mind, certainly, but we think that many a relationship deserves to be treated to a bit of romance now and then. This suite features two separate rooms, connected by a little private hallway. The spacious bathroom offers the choice between shower and bath, while the sofa bed in the living room can sleep another two guests – you never know. You would expect a gorgeous four-poster bed? Right you are.

Suite Maisonette

Starting at €199,-

Approx. 52 m2 for up to four guests

(including the sofa bed that sleeps two)


Enjoy that special ‚being at home’ feeling in this cozy, two-level suite that does its name justice: a small house. The upstairs features the traditional arrangement of a bedroom and adjacent bathroom with walk-in shower, the downstairs area is devoted to a comfortable and inviting living room. As in most of our other suites, the couch serves as an additional bed that can sleep two.


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