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15 Themenzimmer breiten ihre Wohnwelten für Sie aus – sind Sie Musikliebhaber, Cineast, Genießer...?

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Kurzfristig freie Hochzeitstermine

Heiraten im Kloster Kurzfristig wieder frei gewordene Termine im Sommer

The Registrar’s Office

Small, pretty – and right on the premises

What used to be the Abbot’s Chapel, right off the main entrance lobby, is today a branch of the regional Registrar’s Office. Except that ‚office’ does not do this pretty room justice.

Throughout the year, on weekdays and weekends, couples from near and far – from Germany mostly, but also from abroad – decide on this location for their all-important answer: “I do.” Once you have decided on your date of choice, we contact the regional Registrar’s Office to confirm the date and handle the formalities. Your hometown Registrar’s Office will know how to proceed if you want to get married at a special location.

Frequently asked questions

Your church wedding

Catholic, protestant or ecumenical

In Hornbach, the monastery (and thus our hotel) and the protestant church are virtually neighbors. To the catholic church it is not more than a five minutes’ walk. And then there is the St. Fabian Chapel right on the monastery grounds. Here, wedding services can be performed for different confessions, subject to an agreement with the relevant local church. Baptisms too, by the way.

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Your celebration

Intimate affair – or big party?

It pretty much goes without saying that the Hotel Kloster Hornbach offers an attractive choice of banquet rooms within a unique architectural setting for your reception, celebration or party. The photos on this webpage will give you a first impression. Everything else you should see in person. We will be most happy to support and assist you in your planning.

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Our Services

From flowers to photography

Many details contribute to a truly memorable celebration. At the Kloster Hornbach Hotel, we will gladly assist with the finer points or your planning, with the decoration and choice of flowers for instance, or the selection of a suitable photographer for your special day. We have listed some of the more obvious options for you below. But we stand ready to discuss these details in person with you to support you in your planning.