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Personal service and 
professional hospitality

The Kloster Hornbach Hotel is an independent, family-run house. And many guests appreciate what that means. The tone is professional but also cordial, friendly but not buddy-buddy. Many members of the staff have been here for years, know ‚their’ hotel like they know their home. Your hosts Christiane and Edelbert Loesch have teamed up with the Hornbach municipality to create their vision of a very special hotel. It was opened in March 2000. Together with their team, Christiane and Edelbert have been turning their vision into reality ever since.

Inconspicuous masters

of culinary delights

As guests we usually do not meet those who have prepared our food, concieved the menu, created the recipes. Remarkable really, as the visit to a hotel’s or restaurant’s kitchen can be an adventure in its own right. At the Kloster Hornbach Hotel, Chef Martin Opitz and his team like variety, appreciate authentic homestyle cooking just as much as sophisticated culinary delights. The only thing that counts, they say, is quality. Whether they are cooking for a single guest or a full house.

Enjoy culinary impressions

Above all else,
hospitality means service

Who extends the first welcome? Who bids the last farewell? The members of our service team are the first to meet new guests and welcome old acquaintances. They are expected to be there when needed, to know pretty much everything and be able to fix anything. And when everything is ok, they tend to just vanish to nobody knows where. Because that’s what ‚good spirits’ just tend to do.